Junior Development Course

Junior Development Coach qualification

During this course participants learn to develop the skills of beginner tennis players of all ages. There is a major focus on planning, delivering and reflecting on coaching sessions and creating positive learning environments. The course covers technical and tactical tennis fundamentals, Tennis Hot Shots, Cardio Tennis, Tennis Xpress, the legal and ethical responsibilities of a coach, risk management, programme planning, tennis rules, personal development and using technology. LEARN MORE HERE

The Junior Development Coach course is a Tennis Australia qualification. Tennis Australia’s courses are the only tennis coaching courses officially recognised by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).


Module 1 – Coaching tennis

  • Coach junior players in tennis
  • Plan, conduct and review coaching programmes
  • Meet participant coaching needs
  • Continuously improve coaching skills and knowledge
  • Work in a community coaching role

Module 2 – Responsibilities of the coach

  • Organise personal work priorities and development
  • Provide first aid
  • Identify risk and apply risk management processes
  • Participate in workplace health and safety
  • Respond to interpersonal conflict

Recommended for:           
Experienced players and coaching assistants

Minimum age:                  
17 years

18 days over approx. 6 months. Course participants will have 12 months from the start date to complete all units and assessments.


  • Completed the Coaching Fundamentals short course and the Coaching Assistant Course
  • Coaches should be coaching a minimum of 5-hours per week
  • Coaches are required to have an NZ Police Vet, processed by Tennis NZ
  • Have a Club Professional coach or equivalent as a supervisor

$1,900 (incl. gst) which includes course materials, tuition and first aid certification. Junior Development coaches will also receive a 12-month registration to Tennis NZ National Programmes, commencing from the first day of the course. A $100 discount is offered to coaches who provide a suitable first aid certificate. This certificate must be dated a maximum of 12-months prior to the JDC course start date. Payment plans can be arranged upon request.

Career outcomes:          
These coaches are recognised as qualified coaches and can register to Tennis NZ National Programmes.

Junior Development coaches are responsible for planning and delivering Tennis Hot Shots, Cardio Tennis, Tennis Xpress and programmes for players.

Junior Development coaches hold coaching roles at clubs, often working alongside a Club Professional qualified Head Coach.

When and where is the next course?         


Wilding Park Tennis Centre, 111 Woodham Road, Linwood, Christchurch

  • Block 1:2024 TBC 
    • Webinar 1: 2024 TBC
  • Block 2: 2024 TBC
    • Webinar 2: 2024 TBC
    • Webinar 3: 2024 TBC
  • Block 3: 2024 TBC
    • Webinar 4: 2024 TBC
    • Webinar 5: 2024 TBC
  • Block 4: 2024 TBC


Merton Road Tennis Centre, 69 Merton Road, St Johns, Auckland

  • Block 1: 2024 TBC
    • Webinar 1: 2024 TBC
  • Block 2: 2024 TBC
    • Webinar 2: 2024 TBC
    • Webinar 3: 2024 TBC
  • Block 3: 2024 TBC
    • Webinar 4: 2024 TBC
    • Webinar 5: 2024 TBC
  • Block 4: 2024 TBC

How do I enrol?             

Applications are located in the course calendar next to the corresponding course.

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