Tennis NZ Board and Life Members

The Tennis NZ Board comprises eight members. There are four elected members and four appointed independent members of the Board. The Board has a great representation of a wide range of skills including governance, law, finance, marketing and of course, tennis. 

president and chair

Terri-Ann Scorer

finance and audit committee

Robyn Kiddle
David Searle

board of directors

Terri-Ann Scorer 
Peter Maciaszek - Deputy Chair
Fiona Stewart
David Searle
Marina Erakovic
Robyn Kiddle
Chris Hall
Phil Wright
Rewa Harriman - Co-Opted

Life Members - Te Tohu Taumata

Miss K M Nunneley*, Mr M E Denniston*, Mr G N Goldie*, Mr J C Peacock*, Mr F H Woodward*, Mr W Goss*, Mr A G Henderson*, Mr, R Browning*, Mr G Gore*, Mr P Harrison*, Mr H M Boddington*, Mr J Mercer*, Mr S A Cleal*, Mr H S Wilkinson*, Mr F S Ramson*, Mr G C Reid*, Mr S Painter*, Mr D C Coombe*, Mr O Parun OBE, Mr C J Lewis, Mr J E Robson MBE*, Mr I D Wells OBE*, Mr B N Shute ONZM*, Mrs B Cordwell, Mr J Simpson , Mr P Wilson ONZ*, Mr B Steven, Mrs R Morrison MBE, Mr Dick Garratt MNZM



Te Tohu Taumata

Means the summit, outstanding, remarkable (leadership of the sport).

Te Tohu Taumata is Tennis NZ Constitutional Life Membership. Those conferred this honour have led the sport of tennis at international or pre-eminent national level and are exemplified by the following benchmarks:

• Ko te Mana Rangatira - Leadership in Tennis
• Ko te Mana Hiranga – Excellence in Tennis
• Te Mana Motuhake - Legacy in Tennis