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National Events 2020

The NZ Tennis Championships, is the premier NZ Open tournaments for men and women, are held in December each year. Aotearoa Maori Tennis Association, NZ Wheelchair Tennis and Seniors Tennis NZ also run National tournaments annually.

The NZ Junior Championships 18u is the premier NZ junior tournament and is held in December each year.

The National Championships 16u, 14u and 12u are the top level age group events in NZ for the junior players and are held in January each year.

Regions and Associations host Open and Junior events throughout the year which are sanctioned on the Tennis NZ Calendar. In addition there are a  variety of local competitions at facilities throughout the country.

Junior Masters

The Junior Masters tournaments are designed to give all aspiring juniors in New Zealand a clear competitive pathway.

What is the Junior Masters Points Race?

The Junior Masters tournaments are designed to give all aspiring juniors in New Zealand a clear competitive pathway. These tournaments will provide competitive matches for junior players of all standards. An online Points Race status page is on the Match Hub website. The Race points are continually updated as tournaments are completed

Which tournaments are included in the Race?

The points race runs across the 12, 14 and 16 & Under age groups, with 6 Tier 2 and 50 Tier 3 events across the 6 regions of New Zealand. Results from individual National events will be classed as a Tier 1 tournament. 

Each player's points is calculated as the total of their best 6 results

When does this race happen?

The Points Race count all Junior Masters tournaments from 1st August 2019 to 31st July 2020

Age Eligibility

a. Masters 12s – to be eligible for the Masters Tournament players must be 12 or under on the 31st December 2020
b. Masters 14s – to be eligible for the Masters Tournament players must be 14 or under on the 31st December 2020 
c. Masters 16s – to be eligible for the Masters Tournament players must be 16 or under on the 31st December 2020

Each player (based on their age group) when making it to the points rounds in one of the Master’s nominated tournaments will automatically join the Points Race table

Players who are eligible for a younger age group during the year, but ineligible for the finals, will have a 25% factor of their results throughout the year counting towards the points race in the age they are eligible for (i.e. a player turning 13 in July can compete in the 12 & Under from August 2019 to June 2020, and 25% of their points will be allocated to their 14 & Under Points Race total)

Earning Points

  1. Players MUST win at least one (1) match in a tournament before they are eligible to gain points. e.g. In a 16 Draw then points only count from the quarter finals. Players who receive a BYE in their first match are not eligible for points until they have won a round. 
  2. A player can ONLY earn points from the main draw. 
    1. Combined age events (e.g. 14-16). If an event is advertised for a single age group but subsequently combined with another age group, then masters race points will still be awarded in the younger age group. Of course, age group criteria must still be met. Players in the older age group will also gain points in that race
    2. 18u events - If a tournament has an 18u event but no 16u event then points will be awarded to players who are eligible for the 16s masters race
  3. There is no minimum number of tournaments to be played. Each player's points is calculated as the total of their best 6 results. Points will be reduced for small draws as follows:
    1. No points awarded when 4 or less players in a draw
    2. 75% points for 5-9 player draw
  4. Points are awarded as per the table below

Junior Masters Finals

Dates and Venue

Dates - Labour weekend 

Venue - TBC


Top 8 Finals
6 Acceptances - Players 1st-6th based on Points Race
2 Wild Card Acceptances

Special note: Where players are on the same combined points total, order of selection into the top 6 will be determined by current Match Hub grading points. Where players cannot be separated by combined points or Match Hub points, head-to-head over the past 12 months will be used to determine the order of selection into the 6 Points Race acceptances

Players in the top eight of each age group must: 
1. Must be either a New Zealand Passport Holder or reside in New Zealand (Any queries regarding eligibility should be referred to Tennis NZ, who will make a binding decision) 
2. Meet the Masters Age Eligibility ruling in each age group to compete in the Masters Tournament

Kiwi Money Tournaments

KMTs are semi-professional tournaments designed to create quality matchplay opportunities and help with the transition for post junior athletes.

After a successful pilot in February/March 2019, the Kiwi Money Tournaments will be added to the tournament calendar from August 2019.

"We're looking forward to the new opportunities this KMT calendar will provide for our competitive players. These events will complement our players schedules and provide much needed opportunities to compete within New Zealand." - Christophe Lambert, Tennis NZ Performance Coach

Working with our Regions and Associations, we have created a great new calendar, adding new events in Wellington, Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch, and rebranding the Auckland Indoor Championships.” – Blake Taylor, Tennis NZ Tournament and Events Manager

$2,000 Events

Offering $2,000 prize-money per event, these events are for all competitive players who want to play in more tournaments. The Womens draw will have a 24 Main Draw (starting Saturday) and the Mens draw a 32 Qualifying (starting Friday from 2pm) and 24 Main Draw (starting Saturday).

$6,000 Events

“We are excited to introduce a new $6,000 ($6k) level to the KMT calendar. We will continue to build on the success of the Canterbury and Auckland Championships and include them as our pinnacle KMT events for 2019.” – Blake Taylor, Tennis NZ Tournament and Events Manager

At each tournament, the Singles draw will have 24 Qualifying and 8 Main Draw. Each event will also offer a Doubles and a second tier draw for players who do not make it into the 28 player cut-off.

Additional events will soon be announced for March-July 2020