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Overview of social media role

Social media has proven to be a powerful way to grow and engage your audience.   It has supported and driven the achievement of many of your club’s goals and objectives. Because of this, the Social Media Coordinator role is one of the most important positions at your club.  A fundamental part of all organisations is communication.

The large volume of information which could be communicated on the club’s social media platforms means that the Social Media Coordinator role is often too big for one person. A key function of the role is to build and co-ordinate the activities of the club’s social media team. The estimated time required as the social media coordinator is XX hours per week.

Communication plan social media concetina

The key function of the role is to create a communications plan which should:

  • Build the club’s social media audience with people who genuinely follow and have an interest in the club
  • Build a sense of belonging between the club and its (social media) supporters and followers
  • Support the achievement of club goals and objectives (e.g. sell 100 tickets to the mid-season ball)
  • Relay important “operational” information to relevant people within the club (i.e. under 12 training is cancelled tonight)

prior to season start

  • Understand the key social, fundraising and sporting activities that will take place throughout the year and develop strategies to support and promote each activity
  • Create the overall communications strategy including pre, during and post season strategies by defining the information that will be included as well as when and how it will be communicated
  • Decide which social media platforms best suit the achievement of the communications strategy, club goals and objectives
  • Review and update the social media policy (code of conduct) and ensure this is provided to the committee for sign off
  • Recruit and train members for the club’s social media team

during season

  • Actively post updates on scores, results, injuries, achievements, milestones etc. throughout the week on the club’s social media platforms
  • Promote the club’s key activities and events throughout the year
  • Promote sponsors and their special offers
  • Facilitate social media participation and engagement with the club’s internal stakeholders
  • Actively engage social media followers and convert them to becoming club advocates (creating a sense of belonging between the club and each individual)
  • Collaborate with all divisions of the club to ensure key messages and stories are being continually promoted and communicated

post season

Review the list of the club’s social media account administrators and remove members who do not need access to the club’s social media accounts through the off season and beyond.


  • A frequent user of social media sites
  • Ability to plan what the clubs needs to communicate and when
  • Ability to engage with people through social media without getting drawn into negative or personal discussions 
  • Strong understanding of the club’s social media strategy and willingness to follow it
  • Respectful and effective communication
  • Understanding of how to create memes, photos and video for use on social media
  • Thorough knowledge of what is going on within the club
  • Updating documents
  • Review and revise the role’s position description to ensure it continues to reflect the requirements of the role 
  • Update the list of people who have access to each of the social media accounts and provide this list to the committee. Make recommendations to the committee for any changes to the communications plan for next season
  • Update the Position Description and supporting information prior to the Annual General Meeting each year
  • An important responsibility of the social media coordinator is to train, mentor and support a further social media team.  Keep alert as the options for succession in the role is within your members.

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