2023 Tennis NZ Awards Club Nominations Now Open

Tuesday, 26 September 2023



Tennis in NZ Awards 2023
Sunday 10 December  
Harbourside Function Venue, Wellington

To acknowledge the amazing opportunities clubs create to grow tennis and engage with communities across Aotearoa, we have opened nominations for four club specific national awards. Making tennis happen in New Zealand comes down to the mahi at grassroots, these awards are to celebrate and thank your club and your people. 

You are welcome to submit a nomination for one, some or all of the below awards categories. Nominations close 27th October 2023.

Tennis New Zealand will subsidise the cost of travel and accommodation to the awards ceremony in Wellington.  

Nominate your club here


ClubSpark Club Award

This award goes to the club that is using ClubSpark in the most effective way. It takes into consideration both administrative use, e.g. amount of time saved for volunteers, and public use, e.g., a customer friendly website that has information for all types of online visitor. Clubs can self-nominate or be nominated by its Region, Association, or Tennis NZ.


  • An active ClubSpark account
  • An active ClubSpark court booking module
  • Public/non-member court bookings available each week


  • An active ClubSpark coaching module
  • An active ClubSpark membership module
  • A ClubSpark website
  • Online payments taken through Stripe


The following evidence is required to support a club’s nomination.  This evidence is listed in weighted order from ‘most important’, to ‘less important’.

  • Court booking availability to the public using ClubSpark software or Book a Court hardware. Including - hours available to public per week, peak/off-peak/free price points, amount of bookings from non-members, personalised communication or follow up to casual players after their booking and throughout the year.
  • Innovative membership options and types. Including - different price points, lengths of commitment, payment schedules (e.g., weekly or monthly payments), player types.
  • Membership Management Module in use for all administrative membership management including – fee collection, regular and relevant communications, contact database management.
  • ClubSpark club website with relevant pages for members, non-members, juniors, adults, coaching, social play, competition, casual play, contact us pages. A website that is easy to navigate and welcoming for online visitors.
  • ClubSpark Coaching Module – administered by club or coach, including ability for members and non-members to book Hot Shots Coaching, Hot Shots Community Play, Cardio Tennis and Tennis Xpress sessions
  • Number of club volunteers or administrators that are trained to use ClubSpark

Nominate your club here


Love Tennis Club Award

The Love Tennis award goes to the club that embraces all aspects of organising and running Love Tennis. From the early stages of planning, gathering a team and marketing to post event follow up and retention offering sustainable engagement in tennis.


Club is registered to, and runs Love Tennis on the national date and time that is relevant to the award year.


The following evidence is required to support a club’s nomination. 

People and Planning Evidence:

  • List of names or photos showing that your Love Tennis Crew is made up of a range of ages and interests (outside of committee members)
  • More than 1 volunteer from the club attends a Buzz Night
  • A plan/document/outline of club planning process including timeline showing volunteer names and roles

Promotion Evidence:

  • Community reach is demonstrated, organisations partnered with
  • Club uses novel ideas to reach new players and diverse populations
  • Club links with local businesses for support and/or sponsorship
  • Evidence (screenshots/webpage links/documents/photos) of type and examples of promotion including signage, social media, schools, community hubs, events, markets, free online listings

Delivery Evidence:

  • Photos of activities on the day including innovation to encourage people to get involved
  • Photos that volunteers are clearly identifiable to visitors (wearing Love Tennis tshirts, hats, name badges etc)

Capture & Convert Evidence:

  • Club uses Tennis NZ prize draw entry method to capture all visitor details
  • An enticing offer/hook for people to sign up on the day.
  • Visitor follow up (email/text message etc)

Retention Evidence:

  • Club’s Retention Plan – when, how, who follows up with new members? Including types of activities new members can join in with e.g., Cardio Tennis, Beginner Coaching etc.
  • New member follow up (welcome email)

Post Event Review Evidence:

  • Complete Tennis NZ national wrap up survey, including sharing data on number of volunteers, number of visitors, membership sign ups on the day
  • A note of endorsement from your association or region

Nominate your club here


Club & Community Collaboration Award

Recognising the efforts of clubs that have rallied together as a team to engage with communities in their neighbourhoodThose clubs that have championed participation as a means to growing their community through developing relationships with organisations they do not traditionally reach.


  • Affiliated to Tennis NZ
  • Achieved one or more of the criteria below


  1. Collaboration with one or more organisations outside of your own club.
  2. Used national programmes (Hot Shots, Cardio, Tennis Xpress) to reach a group of players not previously connected to your club.
  3. Used tennis for meaningful impact in the community.
  4. Started, or delivered an innovative event or initiative that connects the local community to tennis.
  5. Run or collaborated on an event partnering or cooperating with other sport or active recreation organisations.


The following evidence is required:

  • Write your story. How did you use tennis to connect to a diverse population in your community. Include why, what, how, and the organisation(s) involved. (max 250 words)
  • Letter of support of your nomination from the organisation(s) involved.
  • Photos to support story and nomination.
  • Minimum of 1 testimonial from a participant or individual who was involved (this could be from the organisation your club connected with [like a player], or from the club [like a young volunteer that supported the initiative]).
  • Describe the impact on your club? (max 150 words)
  • Provide a note of endorsement from your association/region.

Nominate your club here


National Programmes Project Award

Recognising a special project, innovation, or initiative using national programmes (Hot Shots, Cardio Tennis, or Tennis Xpress). This award recognises clubs, volunteers, or coaches that have used any or all national programmes to engage with new players or enhance the experience of existing players.


  • Project to have been delivered in the relevant award year
  • Coach/club/volunteer/business must be registered to national programmes
  • Project must align with national programme philosophies, delivery methods and teaching style.


The following evidence is required to support a nomination. 

Project Overview (max 250 words)

  • Include why, what, how, the objectives of the project, and the partnerships and people involved


  • Photo and/or video evidence of the project
  • Include a testimonial (written, video, audio) from at least 1 participant talking about the impact the project had on them
  • Numbers, including participants, organisers, budget and any other measurables you set out to achieve

Reflection (max 250 words)

  • How you reviewed the project
  • Your plans for continuing or amending the project based on your learnings
  • The sustainability of the project
  • The scalability of the project (e.g., do you think other organisers could successfully replicate your idea?)

Nominate your club here

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