Support Your Club Webinar Replays

Below are recordings of previous Support Your Club Webinars which offer great opportunities to learn from experts. 

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Effective Club Management, Why, What and How - Ben Eder (60 min)

Opportunities and ideas on how to support the growth of your club with Ben Eder - Nelson Cricket, Auckland Rugby, Te Papapa Sports Club.

View the notes from this Webinar HERE (.pdf)


Member Retention Planning - Tennis NZ & Tennis Central (40 min)

Join us for facts and ideas around retaining existing members and engaging with new members and visitors.


ClubSpark court booking to drive club revenue - Tennis NZ & ClubSpark (50 min)

This webinar will run you through how to use court booking, how it can be integrated into a gate access system and how you can use it with your normal gate access system. The webinar also touches on marketing your courts to the wider community and a new cost effective option called an Igloo lock.


ClubSpark membership Management Webinar - Matt McCann from ClubSpark & Leo McCormak from Campbells Bay TC (60 min)

Learn more about using ClubSpark for membership management.


Develop a Facility Maintenance Plan - TENNIS NZ (60 min)

Facility Maintenance Planning Webinar for New Zealand clubs.


Growing club Revenue Streams - Tennis NZ (50 min)

Does your club rely solely on funding applications? Join this webinar to find out what fund raising options are available to generate revenue and help grow your club community and financial security.


Planning/Writing a Funding Application - Tennis NZ (1 hr)

This workshop covers the importance of planning, the stages of planning and stepping through the application process. Templates and the Toolkit are referred to guide and support this successful funding at your club. 


Social Media Basics - Tennis NZ & ClubSpark (1 hr)

Learn how your club can benefit from using Facebook, how to ensure you will grow your reach into the community you would like to and get some of those pressing social media questions answered.


Funding information session -Badminton NZ (1 hr)

During this session, experts in Gaming, Council and Tū Manawa funding will provide participants with an overview of a range of funds and general information that can assist in developing a successful application or initiative. 

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