Sky Sport Next Home Advantage

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Some of New Zealand’s best-known coaches and athletes will lead a series of daily sport coaching and challenges in an exciting new joint initiative from Sky Sport Next, the New Zealand Sport Collective and

Sky Sport Next Home Advantage is a series of short, sport-specific coaching videos available free to air on the Sky Sport Next YouTube Channel

Tennis NZ has joined a variety of sports, where expert advice is delivered in a fun way for all ages and stages. Subscribe to so you can fine tune your skills, with episodes dropping daily from 9am!

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EPISODE 1 - Passing Shots with ATP Pro Artem Sitak and Tennis NZ Coach Development Manager Patrick Landy


EPISODE 2 -  Volley and smash with Vivian Yang and Tennis NZ Participation Programmes Manager Gayle Vaughan


EPISODE 3 -  Control drills with Fed Cup team member Emily Fanning, rising junior Aishi Das, and Tennis NZ High Performance Director, Christophe Lambert


EPISODE 4 -  Skills training at home with French Open Men's Doubles Champion Michael Venus and Tennis NZ Development Coach Matt Alexander


EPISODE 5 -  Top 100 ATP pro Cameron Norrie, Regional Performance Manager (Tennis Auckland) James Greenhalgh, and junior player Lev Gorb show us some cool drills you can do with your bubble buddy


EPISODE 6 -  This week Mount Maunganui Tennis Club Head Coach Paul Arnott takes us through a session on coordination and technical development for both the forehand and backhand with Corban Crowther and Kalais Going


EPISODE 7 -  In today's Sky Sport Home Advantage Tennis session, we learn about finishing the point with Gizzy born, 6ft4 player Rhett Purcell and Tennis Monsters Coach, Nelson Cueller


EPISODE 8 -  In today's Sky Sport Home Advantage Tennis session, we learn backhand and forehand drills we can do at home with Valentina Ivanov, Caitlin Ward and Wellington Coach Darren Ward


EPISODE 9 -  In today's Sky Sport Home Advantage Tennis session, we learn approach and volley variability exercises we can do at home with ATP Pro Rubin Statham and Tennis Northern Coach / Albany Tennis Park manager Nick Jacques. 

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