National Participation Programmes


Do you want your club and coaching business to appeal to the biggest populations in your local community? 

Do you want to reach tennis and non-tennis people?

Do you want to engage with the community and grow participation at your club with lots of the hard work done for you?

Well, now you can thanks to national participation programmes! Kids, adults and fitness enthusiasts will all find something for them when you embrace Tennis Hot Shots, Tennis Xpress and Cardio Tennis. 

Even if you already cater for these markets, by becoming an ‘official venue/coach’ for national programmes you will have access to fantastic on- and off-court resources, national promotion and support as well as gifts, special offers and exclusive benefits for your players. 

Don’t miss out

95% of deliverers have told us that national programmes add value to their coaching business or club. Over 60,000 people participated in national programmes during the 2019/20 year. 

If you would like to chat more about getting your club and coach involved in any or all of these fantastic programmes, contact the Programmes Team today on 09 905 3133 or email

Tennis Hot Shots

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Tennis Hot Shots is just for kids aged 3-12.  Using lower pressure balls, shorter racquets and smaller courts, kids progress through their tennis journey at the right pace for their age and stage of development.  

Tennis Hot Shots Coaching and Tennis Hot Shots Community Play are both club based programmes with a huge amount of benefits for everyone involved.  From marketing campaigns, gifts for registered players, certificates and equipment, Tennis Hot Shots will make your club stand head and shoulders above the rest.  To read more, browse through our club and coach info pages on the Hot Shots website.

The programme is a great addition to your tennis coaching business, and it’s a great investment. The Tennis Hot Shots format allows for groups of children to play at once on the same court – no queues, no standing around. For just $200 you can join the programme and receive heaps of benefits. What are you waiting for?!


Cardio Tennis

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Cardio Tennis is the high energy highlight of any player's week!  A fun, social, group tennis-fitness programme for all ages and abilities (even non-tennis players), Cardio Tennis is a coach-led workout where participants wear fitness devices, exercise to music and use a variety of equipment to enhance their experience. 

This programme has huge appeal for current players and members, helping their speed and fitness around the court, as well as appealing to non-tennis players in a non-threatening environment.  Wouldn’t it be great if mum or dad could get a workout in whilst their children are playing in their Hot Shots groups?! 

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Tennis Xpress

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Tennis Xpress is designed to bring a whole new market of players to your club.  This fantastic programme caters for beginner adults and uses a fun, innovative way of teaching tennis which removes many of the barriers associated with learning the sport.  Using low-pressure balls, and focusing on playing the game, adults build confidence as their coach gives simple technical and tactical advice adapted for each player’s needs. 

Tennis Xpress players are welcomed to 'play on' at the club after the first few lessons, by integrating them into club play in a welcoming and positive way - green ball club nights, new player box leagues etc etc.  Benefits include national promotion, an online search and book platform (coming soon), session plans and marketing material.

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