Coaching Fundamentals

Coaching Fundamentals Coaching Course

This free online course is for anyone interested in getting into coaching or wanting to gain a better understanding of the tennis coaching environment in New Zealand.  Completion of this course is a prerequisite for all other courses in the Coach Development Pathway. The course is made up of four online modules:

  1. The Tennis Environment in New Zealand
  2. Key Aspects of Coaching
  3. Rules & Etiquette
  4. National Participation Programmes

The four Coaching Fundamentals modules can be found on the ITF Academy. To access and complete the four modules, register for a free ITF Academy account:

Ensure you select New Zealand as your region to be able to access the NZ courses.

Recommended for:   
Anyone interested in getting involved in tennis coaching

Minimum age:            
All ages. Recommended for anyone aged 13 years and over

Approx: 2 hours


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