Facilities Guidelines

In October 2017, a new Tennis in New Zealand Strategic Framework was launched.  

In line with the Strategic Framework, these Tennis Facility Guidelines are designed to support:

  • Getting the right courts in the right places today
  • Getting more players onto courts
  • Planning for the facilities needed in the future
  • Supporting high performance athlete development
  • Hosting of world class international events

These guidelines have been prepared with a range of stakeholders in mind to cover a variety of needs:

  • Guidance to tennis bodies for future planning at all levels
  • Planning coordination and alignment between tennis bodies and sports or local authorities
  • Prioritisation of major investment decisions contemplated by Tennis NZ members, Sport NZ, local
    or central government
  • Guidance for grassroots decision makers when considering facilities investments

In preparing these guidelines, we’ve taken note of the changing expectations of tennis participants and spectators, and looked at international experience as well as new approaches in New Zealand such as multi-sport facilities. As the new Strategic Framework is implemented, further thinking on facilities requirements will guide updates to this document.

For tennis to be accessible and thriving, we need continued investment in, and maintenance of, high quality facilities. Today many of New Zealand’s tennis facilities need upgrading. We look forward to the support of the tennis community, government and private funding partners to make this happen in a targeted and coordinated way. Joining forces we can grow tennis participation, produce more world class players and enhance the overall tennis experience in New Zealand.