FAQs for Alert Level 2

The FAQ’s below are as a result of questions from coaches and club reps that have been received between May and August 2020.  Most of the questions relate to Alert Level 2 and higher.  If you have a question that has not been answered, and that you can’t find guidance on please email info@tennis.kiwi 


At Alert Level 2 or 2.5, community sports are subject to gatherings requirements (i.e. 100 or 10 limit). This includes both indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Players and coaches, support staff, officials, spectators (including parents/caregivers) are generally part of the same gathering unless mingling between players and spectators can be prevented  

Multiple gatherings can take place at the same event or facility, as long as they can be kept separated. Phasing of activities could be used to allow time for people to pass through communal areas safely. For smaller venues a reduced capacity may be more appropriate to maintain physical distancing. 

Club Rooms 

View clubrooms like restaurants with regard to the spacing and the sharing of space between groups, plus the hygiene requirements when groups arrive and leave. 

Groups of guests in the clubhouse must be limited to 10 or 100 people per group (depending on regional regulations for gathering restrictions). All groups should be seated, have separation from other groups, and be served by a single server if possible. Players should only sit with the group they played tennis with. 

Ladies social group and social play Saturday afternoon. 

At Alert Level 2 club play like this can happen, as long as the number of players per event/session doesn’t exceed 10 or 100 (depending on regional regulations for gathering restrictions).  Players within a group of 10 or 100 should not mix or mingle with other groups – during play or after.  Groups must not share the same equipment and must keep 2m distance from each other.  Contact tracing must be in place and organisers should keep registers of people in each group. 

Are we limited to 10 or 100 people at the club at any one time? Or can each court have a gathering of up to 10 or 100 people?  

You are 
NOT LIMITED to 10 or 100 people maximum at the club.  You can have as many groups at the club/on the courts as you can fit safely at your club/venue, whilst maintaining appropriate social distancing.  Groups must remain at least 2 metres from one another.  Contact tracing must be in place and everyone must follow good hygiene procedures. 

How does the 10-person or 100-person gathering limits apply for social tennis/organised games?  What if more people turn up? Can the extra people wait in the clubrooms and swap out with others from the group of 10 or 100 

Depending on regional restrictions, players must be kept in groups of no more than 10, or 100.
  Ask people to register in advance so you can manage number effectively.  If more people turn up, you must manage it by splitting everyone into smaller groups.  Players must stick to their groups with no mixing or mingling or sharing of equipment with other groups.  The organiser must keep a register of who is in each group, and ask everyone to check in using the contact tracing QR code at the club/venue. 

What if casual players also want to use a court at the same time? Are they considered a separate gathering?  

.  Each group of people is a separate gathering, and they need to keep distance from other groups (imagine a restaurant scenario, and if it helps, apply bubble rules to groups). 

If a group coaching session has 4 players, plus 5 spectators and the coach (total of 10 for a gathering), does this mean no one else can enter the club?  

Multiple gatherings can take place at the same event or facility, 
as long as they can be kept separated. 

Can a parent who is not a member/player be thereE.g. if 2 children under 14 are playing a game together? 

Spectators/non-player rules are at the discretion of each club/centre/coach
, but for minors’supervision is important if they are not part of a structured supervised session. 

With the mixing of 10 people, we can manage this with three groups of 8-10 players over two courts each, however, can these people play three times in the week with a different 10 each time...theoretically with 27 different people per week, or do they play with the same 10 once a week? 

It is fine to be part of different groups throughout the week (imagine it like socialising with a few groups of your friends throughout the week (but not more than 10 or 100 at a time)  It’s important to get all players to check in for contact tracing as well as the organiser noting down who was in which group on which day. 


At tennis clubs and centres, where contact tracing is mandatory, physical distancing is not required between groups, or people who know one another.  You should keep a 2 metre distance from other groups and people you don’t know. 


We have an outside toilet that players normally use – what is the expectation for cleaning this (normally cleaned once a week)? 

Multiple times per day would be recommended.  If this isn’t possible it would be recommended to keep facilities like this closed and communicate that clearly to members and casuals ahead of time. 


What are the guidelines around tennis balls – can the same balls be used by different groups? 

Equipment should be cleaned after use and definitely between use by different groups.  Balls are trickier to clean but could be sprayed with sanitiser and left to dry thoroughly.  Some clubs/coaches are separating out balls and other equipment to be dedicated to certain days of the weeks/groups.  Private sessions/bookings – people should be bringing their own balls/equipment and taking them home again, and not sharing with others or touching others. 

Don’t share balls outside of your groups.  There isn’t much science to go on specifically for tennis balls, so we can only follow what is known about surfaces and fabrics 


As a club can we organise pre-arranged games for our members to play if they each book their own court and only play the organised match? 

Yes, as long as contact tracing, distancing and regional gathering restrictions are followed. 

Is there any guidelines for whether we should allow non-members to play as well as our club members? 

This is an extremely opportunistic time to welcome casual users.  NZ public knows from the PM and Sports Minister that tennis and golf are some of the safest sports!  For those clubs set up with Book a Court or similar online booking tools, you will be able to embrace casual players and the alternative income that comes with them.  If clubs can offer advance booking, online payment, follow contact tracing and health and hygiene rules then casual players are out there wanting to play!  Tennis NZ offer Book a Court which is a hardware subsidy scheme reducing the cost to clubs of keypad entry and online booking technology from approx $10,000 to $2000.  You can read more and enquire about Book A Court at tennis.kiwi under the CLUBS menu tab - https://tennis.kiwi/clubs/book-a-court/ 

Are there any age restrictions on who can play? 

No.  Those over 70 and/or with underlying health conditions are able to make their own decision about participating in tennis.