Youth Advisory Group-Auckland


Composition of Youth Advisory Group

  • Youth from the 15 to 23 age group
  • 6 to 8 members
  • Diversity of sporting discipline, contribution, ability, engagement and experience levels
  • Diversity of gender and ethnicity
  • The members of the Advisory Group will be selected to provide a broad perspective on all aspects of youth sport, in particular tennis and corresponding participation programmes. 

In many clubs across the country junior players make up 50% of the membership, with a limited voice and little choice as to what they can contribute and how they can communicate. The Sport New Zealand Voice of Participation’21 survey provided evidence in this direction showing that those in the 45+ age group were significantly more likely to be more satisfied with their tennis experience than the 44u group who showed that 65% were significantly less likely to be more than satisfied with their tennis experience.

To understand how we can address these results an opportunity needs to be created for our youth to share their knowledge, aspirations and expectations. Our youth are the future of tennis, creating a youth advisory group will allow us to understand the key focus areas that will ensure our younger age group are more likely to be satisfied with their tennis experiences.


To develop a group that facilitates, enables and sanctions opportunities for the youth’s voice to inspire young people to be active in Auckland.

Key fundamentals - Explore, learn & lead


The objectives of the advisory group members are:

  • To provide advice and input.  This advice will contribute to achieving the national vision – making ‘Tennis accessible and thriving, enabling tennis venues to provide attractive accessible and flexible opportunities to a broad range of participants’
  • To assist with understanding how tennis and tennis clubs can be engaging for young people, considering a wide cross section of ideas and abilities
  • To collaborate with junior players, their families and youth organisations within the region.
  • To work with Tennis NZ as well as working independently within the group.


The group will be chaired by Ali Telford (Club Support Manager) and supported by Tanya Murray (AUT intern).

Scheduled Meetings

The Advisory Group will meet on a monthly basis initially, meetings will be conducted online with face-to-face meetings to be initiated once the group has been firmly established.  Members are requested to endeavour to attend all meetings, or if unable to attend, to forward input on all agenda items. 

Desired outcomes

  • An insight into the needs and wants of our young tennis players; understand how they see tennis fitting into their lives. What works and what needs to change to allow tennis to be accessible and thriving to young people.
  • To help understand and shape the values and reasoning that underpin a Youth Advisory Group.
  • Identify a project from the findings that will allow young people in the Auckland region to access tennis in a way that is suitable to their age group.
  • Opportunity for young people to voice and express their views.
  • Young people and adults sharing decision making.
  • Assist with ideas to modernise tennis’ delivery strategies.


Advisory Group members shall not disclose any confidential information obtained in meetings without the prior approval of the Chair.

Forming the Advisory Group

  • Tennis New Zealand and Tennis Auckland shall appoint all members of the Youth Advisory Group.
  • Tennis New Zealand will appoint a replacement for any group member who is unable or unwilling to complete his/her term.
  • The term of appointment and the review process are to be discussed and confirmed by the Youth Advisory Group themselves.


Youth Advisory Group members shall be credited as key contributors to the growth of tennis in the Auckland region and the development of inclusivity and youth development initiatives within New Zealand.