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Tennis Participant Protection Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to protect the health, safety and well-being of those who participate in the activities of TNZ, including those delivered by TNZ, Tennis Regions, Tennis Associations, Affiliates, and member clubs, affiliates and sub-associations which are members of Tennis Regions, Tennis Associations and Affiliates (all collectively known as New Zealand Tennis Entities (“NZTEs”).



Participant Protection Policy related complaints:

Phone: 0800 NZTENNIS (0800 698 366)



The Sport and Recreation Complaints and Mediation Service (SRCMS) is a safe and independent way for anyone engaged in sport and active recreation to lodge a complaint, issue or dispute and have it resolved in a timely manner. The service is free and is open to anyone involved in community sport and recreation as well as elite sport.

The service is operated by Immediation New Zealand Limited, an online dispute resolution company which has been contracted by Sport NZ.  It is wholly independent of Sport NZ, High Performance Sport New Zealand and all other sporting bodies, clubs and organisations.When an issue is raised, individuals will be provided with information on the dispute resolution options available to them, and if appropriate, will be offered early facilitation or mediation. There is no obligation to proceed with the resolution services recommended.

Tournament Planner - Club Championships

Over the past few months, Tennis NZ have had an increase in clubs wanting to explore using Tournament Planner for their club championships, and having the results made available to the tournament website. We believe this is a great idea and a definite step forward. To facilitate this, we have created a “Club Championships” TP license and user guide for clubs to have access to TP.

This license may be used by affiliated clubs to run your Club Championships.

Please note that any other event run by clubs (Junior Masters, graded events etc.) will require a purchased club-specific license as per usual.

You can find the User Guide – Club Championships here (ALI – is there a toolkit link where we could publish this?).

Inside the user guide is some key contact people if you have further questions.



Club Matters E-Newsletter

Find Support Locally

As well as support from your local Region and Association staff, and support from Tennis NZ, we also recommend using the network of Regional Sports Trusts across the country. These bodies all have staff dedicated to both club and coaching capability, and offer a variety of resources like templates, guidance and even practical workshops.  Feel free to browse the websites outside of your club locality if you can't find exactly what you need straight away.

Coach Recruitment

A strong venue and coach relationship is integral to the success of your club or centre. Together you can drive participation, add value for your members and grow each other’s player base. 

The key to success is to ace the five phases in managing your coaching services arrangement at your club and creating a win-win partnership with your coaching services team. 

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This advocacy resource is provided courtesy of Aktive - Auckland Sport and Recreation. One of Aktive's strategic priorities is Stakeholder Alignment and Sector Development - meaning a focus on shared services, coach development and supporting sporting codes' capability development.  When quality resources that are beneficial to tennis already exist, we are pleased to be able to share them with you.

Get information, insights and ideas that will assist your club to advocate effectively.


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