Love Tennis

Terms and Conditions for Clubs

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By participating in Love Tennis, Clubs agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

Participating clubs agree to:

  1. Ensure the club and all of its volunteers meet all requirements outlined in these Terms and Conditions to protect the Love Tennis Brand.
  2. Nominate one Love Tennis lead person at the Club and provide the contact details on sign-up.
  3. Engage a minimum of three club Love Tennis volunteers (can include the lead person).
  4. Open their club doors on the set weekend of Love Tennis (for both of the days at exact times advertised) and create a welcoming environment at all times.
  5. Ensure that all nominated volunteers attend the Love Tennis ‘Buzz Night’ where clubs are supplied with a step-by-step guide, ideas are shared on how to promote and club kits and t-shirts are distributed. Date of evening will be advised after registrations close. (Feel free to bring more volunteers!)
  6. Commit to promoting the event in local area using marketing material that will be supplied to the club at the Buzz Night.
  7. Record visitor information (through the electronic platform provided) and ensure this visitor information is supplied to Tennis NZ after the event and by the specified date to enable the ASB Classic prize draw and to collect Love Tennis data.
  8. Engage with social media in the lead-up to and weekend itself.
  9. Supply photos from the campaign to Tennis New Zealand for promotional purposes (high-resolution preferred).
  10. Adhere to the Love Tennis Brand Guidelines and ensure written approval for any further marketing material the club might wish to produce is obtained prior to manufacture/publication.
  11. The option to purchase additional merchandise and marketing collateral to that which is supplied in kits at an additional cost. A price list will be circulated and orders must be submitted to Tennis NZ by the specified date.
  12. Make appropriate weather cancellations and notify Tennis NZ by 10am on the morning of the event (e.g. if Saturday is wet, Sunday will proceed, or vice versa). Club cancellations will be posted on the Love Tennis website/social media. If inclement weather is forecast both days, either the Saturday or Sunday is to PROCEED based on the best forecast. In the case of extreme weather conditions over entire weekend, the club may need to postpone until following weekend.

Love Tennis Brand Guidelines (view HERE)

  1. It is the responsibility of Clubs/Regions/Associations/Volunteers/Tennis NZ to ensure they protect the Love Tennis brand identity at all times. Logos and artwork will be supplied electronically for use and participants in Love Tennis agree to comply with these branding and logo guidelines at all times.
  2. The Love Tennis logo cannot be altered or modified in any way.
  3. The Love Tennis Logo is to be included on all marketing.
  4. Specified Love Tennis Fonts are to be used in all marketing.
  5. Love Tennis brand colours may not be altered or modified in any way.
  6. Marketing collateral produced by Tennis New Zealand must be used by all as the main marketing material throughout the campaign this includes flyers, posters, signs, social media banners.
  7. Additional supporting marketing material may be produced by the club but written approval must be obtained from Tennis NZ prior to printing or publication. It will be at Tennis NZ’s sole discretion as to whether the material fits into the brand identity and can be used. Please forward proofs for sign off BEFORE printing.
  8. Clubs/Regions/Associations may add other sponsors to their marketing material but at their cost to produce. No sponsor may be a conflict of interest to HELL Pizza or other National sponsors Tennis NZ may engage.
  9. The use of the Love Tennis logo is encouraged and may continue after the weekend on club/region/association marketing, websites, signatures etc provided it fits within these brand guidelines.

View Brand Guidelines here