ClubSpark Case Study - Tawa Tennis Club

Tawa Tennis Club

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Tawa Tennis Club is located just 20 minutes north of Wellington, and maintains 8 bookable courts as well as clubhouse. Having been a staple of the community since 1960, Tawa TC sought a new and better way communicate and engage with both existing and potential members. As they are entirely volunteer-run, Tawa TC needed a way to do this while also relieving the administrative burden on club volunteers.


Before adopting the ClubSpark system, Tawa Tennis Club’s online presence was scattered among several social media platforms, and websites outside of the clubs’ control. Keeping each source of information relevant and up-to-date required a significant amount of administrative time and effort, which could have been better allocated to serving club members directly.

After attending a pilot demonstration of the new software, Tawa TC recognized ClubSpark as a potential all-in-one solution, capable of:

1) Hosting a website that is content-rich and easy to create and update,

2) Displaying all of their membership options and accepting online payments, and

3) Organising court availability for members and coaches through an online booking system.

Taking Action

Tawa Tennis Club was one of the first clubs in New Zealand to volunteer to adopt the ClubSpark system. Having just completed a merger of three clubs and rebranding as Tawa Tennis Club, the timing was right to make the switch. Tennis NZ staff walked club volunteers through the functionality of the ClubSpark online platform through an initial one-to-one webinar session, and several follow-up conversations.

Top of the list

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“We didn't have a website that we could easily maintain a strong presence on. If you Google searched for ’Tawa Tennis Club’  you'd find all sorts of things, but not actually the club! Now, the (Tawa) ClubSpark site is top of the list. And we like the ability to link the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to our ClubSpark page."

ClubSpark is really benefitting the club. Almost all clubs have some form of website, but Tawa’s was odd in that it hadn’t been maintained. ClubSpark was a perfect opportunity to redo it!”

- Richard Rumble - Tawa Tennis Club

The Difference

“(The biggest difference is) website visibility. We’re getting to the point where people come to our ClubSpark site as a way of joining all the club activities, and we’re streamlining administration of things like coaching court bookings. As more people have gotten used to it, it will be beneficial to actually have records of court bookings to see how utilised the courts are. If they are well used, that information can be used to help justify funding.” - Richard Rumble, Tawa Tennis Club

We at Tennis NZ have been tremendously pleased with how Tawa Tennis Club have benefitted from integrating the ClubSpark technology, and we’d love to help other clubs do the same! Whether your club membership is large or small, ClubSpark can reduce the administrative burden of managing everything from online payments to communications. And whether your club has no online presence or has a fully functional website, ClubSpark  court booking and online payment modules can be embedded into it and managed behind the scenes.

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